Coolest New Gadgets to Look Forward to This Year

At the massive 2020 a gathering of elite consumer brands showed off their best new tech, wowing us with products we immediately wanted to buy and put in our houses and on our bodies.

Gillette Heated Razor

Gillette’s innovation branch debuted this heated razor for an Indiegogo campaign last year, and it was wildly popular—probably because a razor that mimics the barbershop treatment without tacking on more blades sounds pretty nice. In less than a second, the razor heats up to 122 degrees, warming soap and skin for an upgraded shave. Heated Razors ($160 each) ordered during the Indiegogo campaign are set to start shipping in February, and Gillette announced at CES 2019 it would collect feedback and start working on a commercial version.

The Ultimate Action Camcorder Smart Hat featuring Ultra High Definition

World’s First Innovative Smart Hat that discreetly records media on the level of your eyes and quickly shares it with the world!

  • Our most advanced media hat
  • 12MP camera (4032*3024)
  • Image sensor: 2.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Sensor
  • Ultra HD 1080p resolution
  • Up to 64GB SD card support
  • iPhone / Android APP Snap, Edit, Share instantly Anywhere + updates
  • WiFi: 802.11n
    WiFi range: 30M
  • Video with sound
  • Super wide angle (120°)
  • Shutter Control: Electronic ;
  • EV Compensation: Auto;
  • White Balance: Auto ;
  • Scenes: Auto ;
  • Built-in microphone
  • Power source interface: 5V/500mah DC Input ;
  • Build -in battery: 1000mah Li -battery;

Scrabble Table Clock

When it comes to rising tech trends, we’re seeing a big focus on products that will make your life easier. Whether that means giving you time back in your day or keeping things all in one place, products are being designed to make the wearer’s day better. Instead of trying to keep up with the constant stream of new stuff coming to market, let us do the hard work for you. Ahead, we rounded up the most mesmerizing, useful items you’ll want to get in 2019.

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

  • Remotely adjust to your ideal temperature. Operating System: Android 4.4 plus and iOS 8.0 plus
  • Select your personalized LED color. Capacity- 295 ml or 414 ml (US only)
  • Choose and save your presets for different drinks
  • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The Ember Ceramic Mug was designed to last for one hour when poured in hot at a set temperature of 130 degree Farenheit
  • Product Dimensions- 37.5 L x14 W x26 H Inch

Vector Robot by Anki

  • Vector is a companion made to hang out and help out. Powered by ai and advanced robotics, he’s alive with personality and engaged by sight, sound, and touch.
  • Vector is voice-activated and will answer questions, take photos for you, time dinner, show you the weather, and more. Voice features are currently English language only.
  • If you choose to set up Alexa on your vector, you’ll be able to: set reminders, control smart home devices like lights, speakers, and thermostats, and so much more.
  • Vector can independently navigate and self-charge. He recognizes people and avoids obstacles.
  • Vector is an updating platform, Cloud connected via Wi-Fi so he’s always learning and updating with new skills and features.
  • Requirements: a compatible iOS or Android device and the free vector app for set up only. Check compatibility at Anki.Com/devices. Includes 1 Vector robot, 1 cube, 1 charger (USB power adapter not included).
  • There are some Alexa features Vector will not support like playing songs from streaming music services via Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, etc. But we’d rather you connect your tunes to an external smart speaker so Vector can show off his dance moves

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Get the ultimate and most complete care with DiamondClean Smart. Eliminate guesswork with real time feedback and personalized coaching so you can improve your technique and achieve 100% confidence in your oral care. It’s more than just a toothbrush – it’s a complete oral care solution. The best from Philips Sonicare. Featuring Sonic technology, 5 brushing modes and smart brush head mode pairing technology, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Rechargeable toothbrush deliver the best plaque removal, gum health and whitening performance.

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