The Ultimate Packing List for Campers in 2020

Thinking of taking an adventure in the great outdoors? While specific gear will depend on climate, terrain, whether you’re car camping or backpacking, and your camp setup (e.g. tent or RV), this camping packing list will help you cover all of the essentials — with specific recommendations on the gear we use on all of our camping trips.

Be sure to start compiling your own specific checklist well ahead of time so you know you’ll have everything when the time comes!

Camping Gear List

  1. Tent: If you’re packing a car, pack your tent last so it’s the first thing you’re able to set up. Double-check you have all your poles and stakes, a mallet, and your rain-fly (if applicable). We use Coleman tent.
  2. Wearable Camera: The Ultimate Action Camcorder Smart Hat featuring Ultra High Definition
  3. Sleeping Bags: Down or down-substitute sleeping bags are the lightest and easiest to compress.
  4. Sleeping Pads: These Therm-a-Rest compact sleeping pads give you cushion and help radiate heat back to your body.
  5. Tarp: An extra tarp for the tent’s floor will keep you warmer and dryer at night, and if you get one with some extra length, you can use it to wipe shoes off outside.
  6. Clothesline: If there’s a chance you’ll get wet, bring an adjustable bungee clothesline and clothespins for drying.
  7. Hammock: Hammocks are a great addition for relaxing if you have the space. This one is under $20!
  8. Games: Be sure to bring some games like dice or cards.
  9. Firewood: Collecting firewood is not allowed in some areas, so be sure to bring your own. Don’t forget a lighter and kindling!
  10. Headlamp: Bring a headlamp for each person in your group and a few extra batteries.

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